House Minority Whip Steve Scalise Suggests Schiff’s Early Involvement With Deep State CIA Officer Breaks Whistleblower Protocol

Steve Scalise

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) on Wednesday responded to the latest New York Times bombshell report that Adam Schiff learned about the Deep State CIA spy’s accusations against Trump several days before the officer filed a whistleblower complaint.

“Schiff is a proven partisan,” Scalise said suggesting that Schiff and the ‘whistleblower’ broke protocol.


Via Fox News Congress reporter Chad Pergram: Scalise: I am deeply concerned that the whistleblower went straight to Chairman Schiff’s staff without seeing the CIA whistleblower process through its conclusion. Chairman Schiff is a proven partisan

“The federal intelligence community whistleblower law explicitly states intelligence community whistleblowers must formally go through the ICIG *before* contacting Congress.” Sean Davis of The Federalist pointed out on Wednesday.

The Deep State spook filed a complaint on August 12 based on second-hand knowledge and hearsay of Trump’s July 25 phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, so Schiff had knowledge of the accusations and worked discreetly for up to two weeks.

Furthermore, just days after the whistleblower filed a complaint against President Trump, an aide to Schiff flew to Ukraine.

Of course Schiff and the Deep State spy broke protocol — Schiff most likely helped the whistleblower write the complaint.

President Trump on Wednesday asserted that Schiff helped write the whistleblower complaint.

“Well I think it’s a scandal that he knew before — I will go a step further — I think he probably helped write it — okay, that’s what the word is,” Trump said praising the New York Times for reporting the Schiff bombshell. “He [Schiff] knew long before and he helped write it too — it’s a scam! It’s a scam!”

Schiff went into panic mode Wednesday afternoon and claimed he has never met with or spoken to the whistleblower — in fact, Schiff claimed he doesn’t even know the identity of the whistleblower!

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