Good News for America: New Poll Finds 70% of American Adults Say They are America First Voters — And Only 20% are Wild-Eyed Radical Socialists

This is good news for the Trump Campaign.

A new poll by Selzer and Company/Grinnell College found that 70% of Americans are America First voters and only 20% are wild-eyed Socialists.

President Trump released a new campaign ad last night. reported:

Ahead of the 2020 presidential election, the overwhelming majority of likely voters say they believe in the doctrine of “America First” when it comes to national public policy, a new poll reveals.

A poll by Selzer and Company/Grinnell College finds that the vast majority of American adults say they are America First voters, while less than 20 percent identify as socialists.

Overall, about seven-in-ten — or 70 percent — of likely voters say they are believers in America First — the nationalist-populist doctrine that guides President Trump’s agenda on immigration, trade, healthcare, and foreign policy, among others.

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