Fake News NY Times Lashes Out at Trump For ‘Altered Photo’ of President Giving Heroic Military K-9 Medal of Honor

President Trump on Wednesday tweeted out a photoshopped picture of himself awarding Conan, the heroic military K-9 who assisted in the killing of ISIS leader Baghdadi the Medal of Honor.

The President declassified the photo of Conan and tweeted out a photo of the military K-9 earlier this week and Americans went crazy over him.

‘Zero Bark Thirty’ t-shirts, mugs and other merchandise immediately went for sale.

Conan was injured in the raid, but he is recovering.

President Trump tweeted out a photo of him awarding Conan a Medal of Honor with a paw medallion.

“AMERICAN HERO!” Trump said in a tweet.

Everyone loved this tweet — even the 2017 Medal of Honor recipient who the dog was edited over got a laugh out of the photo.

But the fake news NYT lashed out at President Trump.

The New York Times did an entire story on the ‘altered photo’ with two reporters ‘journalisming’ on the article.

The New York Times still hasn’t reported on the identity of the anti-Trump ‘whistleblower’ — Eric Ciaramella, a CIA snitch who is attempting to remove Trump with a coup, but don’t worry, they got two reporters getting to the bottom of a ‘doctored photo’ Trump tweeted out.

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