Edmonton Oil Workers Drive Convoy of Trucks, Loudly Honk Horns to Protest Greta Thunberg’s Climate Change ‘Strike’ (VIDEOS)

Greta Thunberg

Swedish green teen Greta Thunberg was in Alberta, Canada on Friday leading a ‘Climate Strike’ and Edmonton oil workers let the town know she was not welcome.

16-year-old Greta Thunberg has a myriad of mental health issues including Asperger syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorder and Selective Mutism yet the left continues to exploit her.

“So, today is Friday and as always we are on climate strike. Young people all around the globe are today sacrificing their education to bring their attention to the climate and ecological emergency,” Thunberg said to a cheering crowd of liberal dolts.

“And we are not doing this because we want to. We aren’t doing it because it’s fun — or because we want to become a politicians when we grow up. We are doing this because our future is at stake,” she added.

Edmonton oil workers are heard honking their horns in the background.


Edmonton oil workers responded to Greta by driving their trucks near the Alberta legislature and honking loudly.

Some of the counter-protesters held signs that read “We Love oil” and ‘Greta is not welcome.’


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