Corrupt Dems Change Impeachment Rules AGAIN – Closed-Door Interviews Now Considered ‘Depositions’ to Limit One Attorney Asking Questions Per Round

The crooked Democrats just changed the rules again in their sham impeachment inquiry.

The Dems have now shifted the closed-door interviews to depositions in order to limit the questioning to one attorney per round.

Also, if the Democrat-controlled committees issues subpoenas, it changes things from a transcribed interview to a deposition.

The Democrats are doing this to avoid releasing transcripts of the depositions/interviews conducted in secret.

Adam Schiff and other crooked Democrats can also selectively leak to the media without having to answer to transcripts as proof of their deception.

Fox News Congress reporter Chad Pergram on Tuesday revealed the shady changes by the House Democrats.

PERGRAM: Closed door interviews for impeachment probe are now considered depositions. More restrictions surrounding the material, like an interview. Depositions limit 1 attorney to asking questions per round. If cmtes issue subpoenas, it moved from a transcribed interview to a deposition

Update: Chad Pergram released more information on impeachment inquiry depositions:

The Dems are trying to prevent the transcripts of the depositions/interviews from being released.

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) admitted on Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that the reason for holding secret testimonies behind closed doors is to keep President Trump and his lawyers in the dark.

And so Schiff can selectively leak to the media…

Now the Democrats are moving to change transcribed interviews to depositions so we have no way of knowing what was really said behind closed doors.

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