Anti-Trump NBA Coach Steve Kerr Compares Communist Tyrant Mao Zedong’s Massacre of 65 Million Chinese to America’s Human Right’s Record (VIDEO)

Steve Kerr doubles down – Proves he’s a historically illiterate Marxist sympathizer.

Earlier this week loudmouth Trump-hating Warrior’s coach Steve Kerr refused to condemn the Communist Chinese regime for their human rights record.

On his FOX News show on Tuesday Tucker Carlson took loudmouth anti-Trump Warriors coach Steve Kerr to task for bowing down to the Chinese Communist regime.
This was brutal!

Tucker Carlson: “Steve Kerr is a phony. He’s brave when crowds applaud, but when money is at stake he shuts up and obeys like the cowardly little corporate stooge that he is. It’s hard to imagine how a man like that can look himself in the mirror at night. And yet he’s not alone.  Hardly. There are countless Steve Kerrs in corporate America all of them happy to sell out their country. “



But now this…

Kerr not only doubled down on his support of the Chinese regime but compared the communist regime’s human rights record to that of the United States.

Steve Kerr: “No. Nor has (America’s) record of human rights abuses come up either… People in China didn’t ask me about, you know, people owning AR-15s and mowing each other down in a mall.”

Chinese leader Mao Zedong murdered at least 65 million innocent Chinese in his reign of terror.

China still has no individual freedoms, still imprisons religious minorities, still runs slave prison camps and still monitors all of its citizens.

Worse yet, China shows absolutely zero guilt or remorse.

And, Steve Kerr compares that to America?

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