TRUMP STOMPS AT THE U.N.: ‘The Future Does Not Belong To Globalists, The Future Belongs To Patriots’

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It was a speech to foreign leaders, but President Trump was really talking directly to Americans.

Trump swept into the United Nations on Tuesday and lectured foreign leaders on their shortcomings.

“Looking around and all over this large, magnificent planet, the truth is plain to see,” Trump said. “If you want freedom, take pride in your country. If you want democracy, hold onto your sovereignty. And if you want peace, love your nation. Wise leaders always put the good of their own people and their own country first.”

Then he uttered the line of the day: “The future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots.”

“The future belongs to sovereign and independent nations who protect their citizens, respect their neighbors, and honor the differences that make each country special and unique. It is why we in the United States have embarked on an exciting program of national renewal. In everything we do, we are focused on empowering the dreams and aspirations of our citizens,” Trump said.

Trump segued into abortion, not a usual topic for U.S. presidents speaking at the U.N.

“We want to support religious freedom for all. And Americans will never tire of defending innocent life. We are aware that many United Nations projects assert a global right to taxpayer-funded abortion on demand. Right up until the moment of delivery,” he said.

“Global bureaucrats have absolutely no business attacking the sovereignty of nations that wish to protect innocent life. Like many nations, we in America believe, that every child, born and unborn, is a sacred gift from God. There’s no circumstance under which the United States will allow international entities to trample on the rights of our citizens,” he said.



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