TEAR DOWN THAT WALL: Democrats and 11 House Republicans Vote To Overturn Trump’s Border Emergency Declaration

After Democratic lawmakers refused to act on a crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, President Trump took action, announcing he would pull money from several federal departments to fund construction of a border barrier.

Makes sense.

But on Friday, the Democrat-controlled House voted to overturn Trump’s emergency declaration in an attempt to block him from diverting $3.6 billion in military construction funds toward the barrier.

It was the second time the House has approved the measure. Trump vetoed the first resolution in March.

Friday’s vote was 236-174, with 11 Republicans joining Democrats. But that margin is not big enough to override an expected veto from Trump.

“Under the National Emergencies Act, Democratic lawmakers can force a vote to end the emergency declaration every six months,” The Hill wrote.

Trump’s move did not get much support in the Senate, either, even though the chamber is controlled by Republicans. The Senate voted 54-41 earlier this week to pass the measure, with 11 Republicans joining Democrats.

The Republican supporters included Sens. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee; Roy Blunt of Missouri; Susan Collins of Maine; Mike Lee of Utah; Jerry Moran of Kansas; Lisa Murkowski of Alaska; Rand Paul of Kentucky; Ron Portman of Ohio; Mitt Romney of Utah; Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania; and Roger Wicker of Mississippi.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday’s vote was about “checks and balances.”

“The president’s decision to cancel $3.6 billion of military construction to pay for his wasteful wall makes America less safe,” Pelosi said.

Reading from the same talking points, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said “This is about checks and balances, not about Republicans and Democrats, and the need for the Senate to rein in an out-of-control executive.”

But Rep. Mark Meadows, North Carolina Republican said the move was purely political.

“This has everything to do with politics,” he said. “It’s about this president and their opposition to a secure border.”



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