“You’re Not Trying Hard Enough!” – Swedish Teen Activist Exploited by Left Lectures US Congress on Alleged Climate Change (VIDEO)

When the left isn’t killing unborn babies, they’re exploiting children.

First they trotted out David Hogg to lecture us on the 2nd Amendment, now a 16-year-old from Sweden is lecturing us on non-existent global warming.

16-year-old Swedish ‘Climate Change’ activist Greta Thunberg appeared before US lawmakers on Wednesday to lecture the US on the climate hoax.

Meanwhile China and India continue to be the world’s biggest polluters because Climate Change legislation isn’t about the environment, it’s about a global scheme to redistribute wealth.

Thunberg has a myriad of mental health issues. She is autistic, has obsessive-compulsive disorder, and suffers from Asperger syndrome and the left is pushing her out onto the world stage and exploiting her.

“Please save your praise. We don’t want it,” Thunberg said. “Don’t invite us here to just tell us how inspiring we are without actually doing anything about it because it doesn’t lead to anything.”

“If you want advice for what you should do, invite scientists, ask scientists for their expertise. We don’t want to be heard. We want the science to be heard.”

Thunberg then blasted Congress and said: “I know you are trying but just not hard enough. Sorry.”

Clearly this child has no clue what she’s talking about, but the left is treating her like she’s the savior of the world.


In the 1970’s, the climate cultists were warning about the impending ice age.

In the late 1980’s, the climate cultists were screaming about acid rain and the hole in the ozone layer.

In the 90’s and into the early 2000’s, Al Gore and his climate cult followers were warning about the rising sea levels and disappearing ice caps.

None of the apocalyptic scenarios have ever come true, but we must listen to this 16-year-old from Sweden because this time the Enviro-Nazis got it right.

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