Prince Andrew’s Role In Jeffrey Epstein Pedophile Scandal Being Covered Up By FBI, Says Former Florida Deputy

A former Florida deputy sheriff claims the FBI could be covering up Price Andrew’s role in the Jeffrey Epstein pedophilia case.

John Mark Dougan — who fled to Moscow after feds raided his home – also says he has hundreds of hours of footage from the billionaire’s Florida mansion, where numerous women have claimed he paid them for sex when they were underage.

“I’m certain the FBI is involved in some kind of cover-up over Epstein,” Dougan told the Times of London. “That could absolutely include Andrew’s role, or it could be that senior FBI people visited the house and don’t want to reveal that.”

Dougan, who is also a former Marine, has been in Russia since seeking asylum to avoid arrest in the U.S. for alleged computer hacking. He said he still has tons of evidence.

“The FBI got hold of all the data I have when they raided me. My copies of the files will never be released unless something untoward happens to me,” he said.

Asked by The Daily Mail what information he has, Dougan said: “Do I have dirt on Prince Andrew? I have lots of things.”

But he told The Times it was “ridiculous” to suggest he may have handed information over to  Russian officials.

“I’m not a Kremlin agent and I did not share any materials with the Russian Government. I don’t intend to blackmail anyone with my information. It’s against my principles,” said Dougan, 42.

In a statement, Dougan said the Epstein files are encrypted. The codes to open them are held by friends all over the world ‘as an insurance policy’.

A system has been put in place to open the files only if he dies or goes missing for a significant period.

‘The Epstein files will stay secure and unreadable to everyone, he said. ‘I do not have a physical copy in my immediate possession, because of security reasons.

Prince Andrew has been accused of having sex with at least one of Epstein’s alleged underage “sex slaves,” Virginia Roberts Giuffre. He has denies the allegations, but Guiffre last week detailed her allegations in an appearance on “Dateline.”

On the show, she said she had sex with Prince Andrew in 2001 when she was just 17.

The incident occurred in the London townhouse of Ghislaine Maxwell, a former Epstein girlfriend who became his top aide, after the prince gave her vodka at a nightclub, she says.

In her first television interview, Guiffre  joined five other Epstein accusers, including three who have not come forward before.

Prince Andrew has denied Giuffre’s allegations, but a photo, allegedly taken by Epstein, shows the prince his arm around the waist of Giuffre, who was 17 at the time.

Giuffre, who is now 35, says she is telling the truth about Prince Andrew. “He was an abuser, he was a participant,” she said on the show.

“The first time in London, I was so young. Ghislaine woke me up in the morning  and said, ‘You’re gonna’ meet a prince today.’ I didn’t know at that point that I was going to be trafficked to a prince,” she said.

“We went out to Club Tramp,” she said. “Prince Andrew got me alcohol, it was in the VIP section, I’m pretty sure it was vodka. He was like, ‘let’s dance.’ I was like, ‘OK.’ We leave club Tramp and I hop in the car with Ghislaine and Jeffrey.

“She says, ‘He’s coming back to the house and I want you to do for him what you do for Epstein.’ I couldn’t believe it,” Guiffre said.

“Although he did not work on the original Epstein investigation, [Dougan] says copies of all the original files were secretly given to him by former Palm Beach County detective Joe Recarey who led the inquiry,” The Mail reported.

He said: ‘I was acting as Joe Recarey’s computer ‘safety deposit box.’ It also means that the FBI has the same exact data that I possess and are in a position to know everyone who is implicated in the videos, recordings, and documents.

‘The FBI has seen everything and has more knowledge of the contents than I do because it was not my business to look deep into the files.’


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