Interior Department Transfers 500 Acres of Public Land to Pentagon to Build 70 More Miles of Trump Border Wall

The Interior Department transferred 500 acres of public land to the Pentagon this week to build 70 miles of Trump border wall in New Mexico, Arizona and California.

This is on top of the billions transferred from the Pentagon to the border wall project.

Via Trump Wall Construction


Talking Points Memo reported:

The Interior Department is transferring about 500 acres of public land to the Pentagon in order to construct about 70 miles of President Trump’s border wall, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The land was previously monitored by the Bureau of Land Management and will now be overseen by the U.S. Army. The 560 acres total includes 213 acres in New Mexico, 301 acres in Arizona and 44 acres in San Diego, California.

The move is all part of Trump’s efforts to expedite the construction of mass portions of his border wall before the 2020 election. Earlier this month, the Trump administration took $3.6 billion from military construction project funding to devote toward the wall.

Here is another graphic from Trump Wall Construction

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