DOJ Releases Report on Alleged “Whistleblower” – Finds Anti-Trump Political Bias – Complaint Based on Hearsay and Bogus Accusations (With Full Report)

It just keeps getting worse for the Trump-hating Democrats.

In July President Trump spoke with the new Ukrainian leader Zelensky after Rudy Giuliani announced he was traveling to Ukraine to investigate the Biden Crime family.

In the transcript released today President Zelensky brought up Rudy Giuliani and his investigations of the Biden Crime Family with President Trump.

Here is the significant segment:

It was Zelensky who brought up the Biden investigation and NOT PRESIDENT TRUMP!

And now this…
The DOJ on Wednesday released their report on the anti-Trump “whistleblower.”

In the report the DOJ reveals that the “whistleblower” has animous against Trump and their entire complaint was based on hearsay. The “whistleblower” was also found to be supporter of Democrat candidate.

Here is the full report released today by the DOJ on the whistleblower.

DOJ Report on Alleged Whistleblower and Complaints Against President Trump – 2019 09 24 Urgent Concern by Jim Hoft on Scribd

The “whistleblower” was wrong about what his/her accusations against President Trump:

The complainant alleged that he or she had heard reports from “White House officials” that, in the course of a routine diplomatic communication between the President and a foreign leader, the President had made statements that the complainant viewed as seeking to pressure that leader to take an official action to help the President’s 2020 re-election campaign. The complainant described this communication as arising during a scheduled call with the foreign leader that, consistent with usual practice, was monitored by a number of U.S. officials. Having heard about the President’s reported statements, the complainant expressed an intent to report this information to the intelligence committees.

The report alleged:

“The complainant alleged, “The President had made statements that the complainant viewed as seeking to pressure that leader to take an official action to help the President’s 2020 re-election campaign.”

We now know this is false. The accuser was not on the call and made the complaint based on “hearsay.” And the accusations were false. It was President Zelensky who first brought up the investigations by Rudy Giuliani in the call with President Trump.

The ICIG who conducted the investigation also found that the alleged “whistleblower” an anti_Trumper who supports a Democrat opponent.

Although the ICIG’s preliminary review found “some indicia of an arguable political bias on the part of the Complainant in favor of a rival political candidate,” the ICIG concluded that the complaint’s allegations nonetheless appeared credible.

So the entire complaint is just another hoax, pushed by the liberal fake news media to destroy President Trump.

Nancy Pelosi and Democrats thought this latest hoax would bring on President Trump’s demise.

But they were wrong. They believed their own echo chamber in the fake news mainstream media and they were wrong again.
The Democrat Party is the enemy of America.

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