Democrat Deep State and Fake News Media Plot and Ambush Trump During UN General Assembly Week — TRUMP HITS THEM BACK (VIDEO)

Everyone knows that traveling and meeting new people can be stressful even if you are gregarious and an extrovert.

The villains in the Democrat Deep State know this too.
That’s why the Democrat Deep State ALWAYS hits President Trump as he leaves the US for important meetings with world leaders.

The Deep State villains did this to Trump on his way to Finland, South America and this week during the UN General Assembly week.


The demons plotted, planned and conspired this week to hit President Trump particularly hard.
This week the demons hurled impeachment proceedings at him while he was meeting with global leaders at the United Nations.

So the president released a private phone call with the Ukrainian President to prove that he was not threatening the new administration in any way unlike the threats by several Democrat Senators and Joe Biden in the past.

Wednesday at the United Nations President Trump BLASTED these wicked Democrats and their fake news media for putting him and the country through another vicious witch hunt.

President Trump: With all of this tremendous work that we’ve done the press doesn’t even cover it.  And the Democrats did this hoax during the United Nations week.  It was perfect.  Because this way it takes away from these tremendous achievements that we’re taking care of doing, that we’re involved in in New York City in the United Nations.  That was all planned like everything else.  It was all planned.

No US President should have to face this amount of pure evil from the Democrat establishment!

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