Comey Attacks President Trump as a Narcissist, “America Deserves Better”

James Comey

Fired FBI Director James Comey has become very emboldened since the Justice Department declined to prosecute him for leaking his memos and stealing government property.

Comey attacked Trump Sunday morning from his Twitter account and asserted the President is a narcissist.

“It’s Sunday morning. A devastating hurricane is approaching. A gunman just slaughtered innocents in Texas. But the President of the United States is wasting time airing personal grievances and live-Tweeting Fox. Narcissism is not leadership. America deserves better,” Comey said.

“American deserves better,” Comey said, once again proving he used the might of the FBI and US government to try to remove a duly elected president that he didn’t like.

Comey worked with ex CIA chief John Brennan, ex DNI chief James Clapper and other Deep State criminals to remove President Trump from office, but their coup failed.

Trump did the right thing when he fired James Comey, one of the most corrupt, narcissistic FBI Directors ever.


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