Brit Hume Gets Honest on Joe Biden’s Memory Loss: “Senility is Overtaking Him, I Think it Is” (VIDEO)

FOX News analyst Brit Hume joined Tucker Carlson on Tuesday to discuss Joe Biden’s latest gaffes and memory loss.

Hume called it: “Senility is overtaking him.”

Brit Hume: The problem isn’t that he makes these gaffes, which he’s always done. He blurts these things out that are totally impolitic. Poor people are as smart as white people, or however he put that. That’s a gaffe. However, Tucker the stuff you see with him more recently, for example not remembering when he met with the students from Parkland High School that he wasn’t still in office. He’d been out of office for more than a year when that happened. The fact that he misremembered that? That’s not a gaffe. That’s the kind of memory problems that people his age, and indeed my age have all the time. And I think the thing that may catch up with Biden over time even among Democrats who would otherwise be for him is senility is overtaking him. And I think it is.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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