Actor Randy Quaid to Adam Schiff: “Either Resign or be Taken Out in Cuffs – Your Dastardly Treasonous Dreams Must by Permanently Drained”

Last week Rep. Adam Schiff opened the House Intel impeachment investigation by rattling off a complete lie in his his opening statement on President Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian President Zelensky.

When he was later called on this complete fabrication Adam Schiff said it was a parody.
Schiff thinks impeachment proceedings are a joke or a comedy show.

Last night President Trump called for Adam Schiff to be investigated.


Actor Randy Quaid also released a statement on Sunday.
Quaid called for Schiff to resign immediately.

Randy Quaid: Schiff, you need to resign. Either resign or be taken out in cuffs it’s your choice. But for the sake and security of our great nation and for our hopes for the future you and your dastardly treasonous dreams must be permanently drained. And by the grace of God may you never again darken the hallways of our institutions.

Via Citizen Free Press:

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