Guest post by Ted Malloch

We just witnessed a relatively useful G7 meeting where Trump dominated his so-called “peers.”

He showed them time and again who is boss.


He didn’t even show up for their fake climate change debate.

On trade, Iran, China and serious matters, like the economy let’s face it there is only the G1.

The USA.

The others are not his peers in any way, shape or form. The numbers and clout abundantly prove this point.

The US has no military, economic, political or cultural equal.

Don’t believe CNN and the lying media who fail to state the obvious.

Macron, the French host, has popularity at about 25% and the yellow vest movement has brought his nouvelle EM (a party with his own initials, how vain) to a screeching halt. His faltering globalism is DOA.

Conte, was dropped as PM of Italy but still attended until yet another election when Matteo Salvini, a Trump lookalike, enters front stage.

Merkel, is leaving the political scene after decades as ‘Mother’ of the Vaterland, which is entering a recession, and now a hotbed of immigrant crime and rape, brought on by her distraught policies.

Trudeau, the weak PM of Canada will be defeated and scorned later this autumn in elections there. He is seen as a national joke.

Boris, is the New Johnson, who adores and needs Trump from the UK, if he follows through and does a Brexit.

Abe, the Trump ally who remains a stalwart in Japan. Yes, they are golfing buddies.


Well that would add up to 7, no?

Why is Donald Franciszek Tusk, President of the European Union Council invited to the G7?

The EU is not a nation.

Tusk was not elected by anyone.

He is a former, insignificant leftist, PM of Poland, whose political party now has zero seats. His own country didn’t want him but the EU did.

He couldn’t run for dog catcher there and win.

Trump should have stood up and read the riot act saying —” Get him the hell out of here.  We don’t need two Donald’s.”

The fact is the EU is anti-American, protectionist, against sovereign nations, globalist, fighting our ally the UK tooth and nail, and has to be stopped.

The G7 has limited usefulness as a developed leader talking shop.

In an era of Trump there is not much coordination to do.

We disagree on more and more things.

But having the EU seated as an equal is pure foolishness.

In the most scathing critique on the EU entitled, The Suicide of Europe, Ingrid Detter de Frankopan, the brilliant legal scholar and former advisor to Pope John Paul II, lists 21 things that she says “Are Wrong With the EU.”

Quite a condemnation. But only 21?

Her final sentence is, “the cleverest totalitarian system is one where the citizens do not realize tat they live under a dictatorship.”

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