Ted Malloch: It’s Time for US and UK to ‘Get Smart’

Guest post by Ted Malloch

You may not remember the 60’s television show “Get Smart,” staring Don Adams and Barbara Feldon if you are younger. It was a classic comedic spoof created by the pure genius, Mel Brooks and it hit a nerve while sending a strong message.

Watch the series intro here to recall the era and genre:


It is time for a remake because conservatives in the UK and the US need to get smart all over again.

We are losing the culture war– and politics as the saying goes, is “downstream from culture.”

Having lost control of the US House in 2018 and with campuses in complete control of the Left, it may be time for an altogether new and better strategy.

2020 demands such with the presidential elections and a UK election inevitable.

I have been bantering with Steve Bannon about such matters in recent days.

Yes, he was exiled and demeaned by President Trump and he has made a few mistakes, but he still has his ear to the ground and a good head on his shoulders.

He did get Trump to the victory lane in 2016, remember.

We agree on one thing: demographics don’t look particularly good for us conservatives. You don’t need to read tea leaves to see this either.

The Dems have gone hard Left—to outright Socialism in the US and Labour is now run by Trotskyites. This opens up a huge swarth in the center- right that we need to exploit now.

The question is how to do so?

How do we win, again and again…

Here are three big ideas. Let me know that you think.

Seriously, respond and I will stay in the dialogue.

1. Going Mainstream
Some interesting stats I just looked up.
Circulation numbers:

NY Times 571,500
Financial Times 180,053
WSJ 2.475 mil
The Guardian 134,567
USA Today 1.7 mil
The Sun 1.4 mil
Express 316,142
The Times 417,268
Telegraph 368,345
Evening Standard 846,600
Mirror 506,705

Mainstream televised media has fallen like a rock.
BBC 394 mil globally
CBS 9 mil
NBC 7.2 mil
ABC 5.6 mil

Cable is very fragmented.
CNN only 858,000
MSNBC: 1.4 mil
CNBC: 213,000
FOX: 2.4 mil
PBS 1.1 mil
OANN is now the 4th rated cable channel

“Nobody hears what u r talking about when u r only published in small right-wing outlets — but then again I don’t need to tell u that,” according to the perceptive, Mr. Bannon.

We need to take over the mainstream. You heard me.

Conservatism is more patriotic and sounder than the woke economic nonsense of the Socialist Left.

We should reclaim what is rightfully ours.

Seize the commanding heights, in the vernacular.

Restate exceptionalism and western civilized values.

Read and teach the Founders and classics in schools and universities. Make it mandatory.

Universities need to refocus and depoliticize. They need more diverse opinion and should be defunded. That means stop endowing things that treat your convictions as rubbish.

We need to get to more people.

This means the majority of people and give them what they actually want. We need to reshape the mass media while continuing to build up our alternatives.

Getting out of our own bubble and self-created ghetto (yes, you can say that) means staying on message and making it understandable and relevant to real people, in real places, across all identities and all age groups. We do that by seizing the high ground and articulating it in a planned way across all these and other mediums.

Conservatism is the natural default position and as Calvin Coolidge first said, “the business of America is business.” Business in the national interest, small, medium and large scale — not for only a few or a Wall Street/City elite but for every person, class and race. People vote their pocketbooks in the final analysis.

2. National Patriotism for ALL citizens
God & Country is not some old-fashioned Boy Scout slogan; it is what the vast swarth of people believe. They love their country and believe in it.

They acknowledge the transcendent. They are proud of country, warts and all. They adore the flag and what it represents. They stand and actually sing along with the national anthem—and mean it.

Being patriotic is a strength and the heart of what our forefathers built—a city on the hill. We don’t need Obamite and Corbynist apology tours and certainly not what the Democrats and Labour have on offer, which is patently—Anti-American and Anti-British.

This form of reasonable nationalism, the one that fought and won two world wars, landed a man on the moon, overcame slavery and brought us civil rights, also presents opportunity to everyone willing to grab it — is most attractive.

President Trump and Prime Minister Boris Johnson know it is the source of our Greatness and Special Relationship.

It is also for every citizen—no exceptions. Conservatives need to be proud and extol it as our main theme.

3. Ending the Tech Tyranny
Conservatives need to realize that if we let the globalist tech monopoly dominate our lives and the Internet/social media, we lose.

As has been certified, Google, Facebook and Amazon are against us and our values. They detest conservatives and conservatism.

Google is an evil and treasonous company. We need to stop using all of them and teach them a lesson. The FTC should regulate them, use antitrust laws to break them up, and we need to force them to pay all their taxes, which they presently avoid. They can no longer censor voices they disagree with because they are in fact, public utilities.

If we do not get smart and do this, as Peter Thiel has explained, we will end up living in a state and a culture owned and totally ruled by them and China. Watch him here:

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It is time conservatives in the US and the UK — Get Smart!

Ted Malloch is author of The Plot to Destroy Trump

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