Ted Malloch: 50 Years After Woodstock and Its War on America

Guest post by Ted Malloch

Fifty years ago, this weekend nearly a half million hippies and wannabe hippies, congregated on Yazgur’s Farm in upstate New York for an Aquarian love-in of peace and rock, heavily laced with LSD, free sex, and outright filth and debauchery.

Here is how PBS embellished it:


The Left wants you to celebrate the anniversary and the values it unleashed.

Many of us did NOT attend Woodstock and have over a lifetime decried the deleterious impacts it unleashed on American cum international society.

It may be particularly noteworthy that the event Woodstock @ 50 was itself recently cancelled.
But the 1969 event did set the nation on a course it has been difficult to jettison.

Plagued by bad weather, overcrowding, and violence it earned the moniker ‘MUDSTOCK.’

The mud it enveloped on the country has been felt for an entire generation and more.

Ripe with sexual assault, hard drugs, and misbehavior (there were two deaths at the event), Woodstock has in many ways become emblematic of everything that ails America.

Imagined as a cultural war against The Establishment, it became the Establishment, as mainstream media, Hollywood, the university, and even some corporations, came to embrace the themes extolled.

They were fake themes grounded on relativism and anarchy that have beset our world more and more.

They were also anti-American themes, first against the Viet Nam War, and then against patriotism in any form whatsoever.

This is the weekend to state the truth: Woodstock was a giant mistake; an error of huge proportion.

It was a detour down the wrong road; and it took us down the garden path to demise, a meaningless nihilistic culture without purpose or decency.

It cherished the breakdown of the family, marriage, the church, ordered and secure society, and of the nation itself.

The music applauded violence not love, and promiscuity, not relationship.
Today we need more than ever the Anti-Woodstock, the values we have lost.

A generation of real truth, beauty, and goodness not of phony laxness, endless temptation, and vice.

It is nearly the END of the Woodstock generation—Celebrate that.

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