Swamp Calls Him Home… Anti-Trump Swamp Creature Paul Ryan Moves Back to Washington DC


Paul Ryan would not support Donald Trump and refused to campaign with Donald Trump.

The Republican speaker shafted President Trump, Republican lawmakers and conservative-populist voters.


Paul Ryan repeatedly promised to fund the Trump Border Wall.
But at every opportunity he denied the Republican President funds for his border wall.

It was not until President Trump threatened to shut down the government the Speaker Paul Ryan FINALLY pushed legislation that included ONLY $5 BILLION to fund the border wall.

President Trump promised to build a border wall with Mexico at nearly EVERY campaign stop he held in 2015-2016.

The president won the election in an electoral landslide with a promise to build a border wall with Mexico.

In January 2017 Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised to pass funding of $12-15 billion to build the Trump border wall.

Paul Ryan later told Tucker Carlson he would fund the Trump border wall.


It was all a lie.


Paul Ryan did not once include funding for the Trump border wall in any financial package since Trump’s election — until Trump threatened a shutdown.

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell lied.
But they did fund a border security barrier in Tunisia and Jordan.

In March Breitbart.com released the latest segment of their interview with President Donald Trump.

In this segment President Trump told the pro-Trump news network that Speaker Paul Ryan BLOCKED SUBPOENAS of Democrats the House should have been investigating in the Deep State coup against the duly elected president.

Paul Ryan left Washington DC in shame.

But on Tuesday Politico reported that Paul Ryan was moving his family back to the Washington DC area.  He has only been gone for six months but the Swamp has called him back home.
Via TPM:

An aide confirmed to Politico that Ryan would be living in the home temporarily and that the family would be spending time at both homes.

“Now in the private sector, Paul and his family are temporarily renting a house in Maryland, and he’ll be spending time there as well as their family home in Janesville,” the aide told Politico.

It’s not immediately clear why he’s moving, but the transition is significant for the famously homesick ex-lawmaker.

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