Say What? Fired FBI Leaker James Comey Tells Mark Meadows “I Love Transparency”

Fired FBI Director James Comey, who admitted leaking his government memos to the media in a clandestine scheme to provoke a special counsel investigation of President Trump, said on Thursday night he “loves transparency” in response to criticism by Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) about Comey’s silence over the pending DOJ IG report.

Meadows wrote, “As the IG report on Comey approaches, we’re getting the sound of silence. No Comey tweets. No softball interviews. Must be tougher when you get questioned by a DOJ Inspector General. The truth is coming. His actions will come to light. And the verdict won’t be pretty.”

Comey replied, “I love transparency. I just wait for facts before I talk about them. I’m confident the results of all IG reports will show honest public servants worked hard to protect this country from a threat this president and his enablers won’t acknowledge. And @ me next time, bruh.”


Following a scoop by The Hill’s John Solomon, several outlets are reporting this week the IG recommended Comey for prosecution over the leaked memos but that prosecutors working for AG Barr decided against prosecuting Comey. The release of the IG report into the Justice Department and FBI’s handling of the Trump=Russia investigation has been delayed several months from its initial expected release in May,

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