Protesters Holding “F*ck ICE” Sign in Spanish Disrupt Trump Campaign Rally in Cincinnati (Video)

Several pro-illegal alien protesters disrupted President Trump’s reelection campaign rally in Cincinnati Thursday evening for over two minutes, with one holding a bedsheet sign that read, “Chinga La Migra”, Spanish for “Fuck ICE” (or Border Patrol), and two others holding bedsheet a sign reading, “Immigrants Built America”, and a sign cut up to look like prison bars.

Trump supporters grabbed the signs from the hands of the protesters leading to minor scuffles. In turn, one of the protesters grabbed and tossed away a Trump sign from a supporter. Trump’s speech was delayed for several minutes as it took several minutes for police to secure the situation. The protesters tried to bait the Trump supporters into fights, but the bait was not taken.

It took so long to remove the protesters an exasperated Trump asked the crowd if Cincinnati has a Democrat mayor. (Yes, it does: John Cranley.)


The woman holding the “Chinga La Migra” sign kept hoisting it after Trump supporters tried to take it down.

It took Cincinnati police over two minutes to remove the protesters, who appeared to be four in number.

Video by Jim Acosta from the press pen:

It was the first of two protester interruptions so far.

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