Pelosi Unhinged: Democrats Have to be Ready to ‘Throw a Punch’ to Win in 2020 (VIDEO)

It’s always okay when a Democrat says it.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday said that Democrats have to be ready to “throw a punch” in order to win in 2020.

Don’t worry because Pelosi said it’s “for the children.”

“For them, it’s about money. They’ll put up any amount of money to protect their investments of degrading the environment and the rest. Guns and all that,” Pelosi said at a DNC summer meeting flanked by DNC chief Tom Perez.

“So you have to be ready to take a punch. You’ve got to be ready to take a punch. And therefore you have to be ready to throw a punch — for the children! Throw a punch for the children.”

She added, “So are we ready to win have we decided that we are going to debate our differences, unify behind our candidates? Are we going to strengthen our majority in the House? To win the United States Senate for the American people? To win the White House for America?”


If President Trump said this, the screeching from the Democrat-media complex calling for his impeachment would be heard around the world.

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