NEW: Epstein Prison Guards Suspected of Falsifying Log Entries to Show They Were Checking on Him Every 30 Minutes

Jeffrey Epstein

A person familiar with the investigation into Epstein’s death told the Associated Press that the prison guards falsified log entries to make it look like they were checking on inmates in Epstein’s cell every 30 minutes, when they actually weren’t.

Via the Associated Press:

A person familiar with the probe of Jeffrey Epstein’s death at a federal jail says guards are suspected of falsifying log entries to show they were checking on inmates in his unit every half hour, when they actually weren’t.

Surveillance video reviewed after the death showed guards never made some of the checks noted in the log, according to the person familiar with the investigation.

The person wasn’t authorized to disclose information and spoke to The Associated Press Tuesday on condition of anonymity.

Earlier Tuesday The Bureau of Prisons temporarily reassigned the warden of New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center and placed two staff members assigned to Jeffrey Epstein’s unit on administrative leave.

The warden’s reassignment comes at the order of US Attorney General William Barr.

CBS News, citing an unnamed source, also reported on Tuesday that “shrieking and shouting” was heard coming from Epstein’s cell on the morning of his death. The source also said they heard corrections officers saying “breathe, Epstein, breathe,” while trying to revive him.

The cellmate of Epstein was transferred out of their shared cell on the eve of the high profile prisoner’s death, leaving him alone and unmonitored.

Epstein, 66, was being held in the special housing unit of the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City and was supposed to be being checked on every 30 minutes per the jail’s procedure — but he wasn’t.

And now we find out that the prison guards likely falsified the log entries.

Jeffrey Epstein was reportedly found hanging in his jail cell from his bunk bed with a prison bedsheet wrapped around his head, according to a law enforcement source who spoke to the New York Post.

Epstein, who is 6 feet tall, reportedly secured the bedsheet to the top bunk bed and wrapped the sheet around his neck.

Epstein was put on suicide watch after he reportedly tried to kill himself shortly after he was arrested on July 6th on charges of sex trafficking of minors.

We now know that Epstein was taken off of suicide watch on July 29 at the request of his attorneys.

The New York City medical examiner has not released Epstein’s autopsy report so we still do not know the exact cause of death nor the time of his death.

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