Nadler, Dems One Step Closer to Getting Trump’s Tax Docs After Deutsche Bank Confirms it Has Some of Trump’s Tax Returns

Last week it was reported that House Democrats will not likely get Trump’s tax returns before the 2020 presidential election because it is going to be a long drawn out battle.

The Democrats are hoping to get their hands on the last several years of Trump’s tax returns – – not because they would be able to understand what they are reading, but because they want fodder.

The Democrats may be able to go around the long and arduous legal hurdles to get Trump’s financial docs now that Deutsche Bank has admitted it has some of Trump’s tax returns.


Deutsche Bank confirmed on Tuesday that it is in possession of some of Trump’s tax returns.

The financial institution was responding to an order from the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in New York, which asked whether Deutsche Bank and Capital One have Trump’s tax returns.

Recall, Trump’s tax returns and other financial documents were subpoenaed by the House Financial Services and Intelligence Committees several months ago.

If the 2nd Court of Appeals upholds the subpoenas from the House Democrats to the two financial institutions, Reps. Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff and even Jerrold Nadler could get their hands on Trump’s tax returns through Deutsche Bank.

Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jerrold Nadler (NY) could use Trump’s tax returns he obtains from the other House committees as part of his impeachment inquiry.

Politico reported:

If the 2nd Circuit upholds those subpoenas to the two banks, the president’s tax returns and other financial documents could be used as part of the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment investigation. Last week, Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) asked four other House committees — including Financial Services and Intelligence — to share documents with his panel that could aid its impeachment probe.

Capital One, for its part, said in a corresponding response that it “does not believe it possesses tax returns responsive to the subpoenas.”

In its filing on Tuesday, lawyers for Deutsche Bank redacted the names of the individuals for whom it possesses the requested tax returns, citing laws that prohibit the disclosure of such information. But the subpoena to the bank specifically requests Trump’s financial information and tax returns. Deutsche Bank gave Trump loans totaling hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of his career — a big reason why the German bank has been targeted by Democrats seeking to uncover the president’s finances.

President Trump is involved in many lawsuits to block the rabid Democrats from obtaining his financial documents, tax returns, loan docs and other personal records from various financial institutions.

Trump recently filed a lawsuit to block the Democrat-led congressional committee from obtaining his and his family’s financial documents.

The President also filed a lawsuit against the New York Attorney General to block the Dems from obtaining his state returns.

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