Make Italy Great Again: Inside Matteo Salvini’s National Populist Awakening

Guest post by Davide Quadri

Throughout Europe, a tide is growing that challenged the palaces of power in Brussels, a tide that looks like it will determine the future.

That tide has a young face, Italian deputy PM Matteo Salvini, who is showing the world that where there’s a will there’s a way; that the interest of the people comes first.


Salvini has restored dignity to the Italian people, a feeling of sovereignty and identity, after years of domination by Brussels and Berlin. With his fight against NGOs and human traffickers in the Mediterranean, he has given new faith to many young people who felt lost, tired, disheartened by politics as usual, sickened by the same old faces, and now are thrilled by a renewed political passion and joining his battle.

It has happened in Italy, and it’s happening throughout Europe, after the victories of Donald Trump and Eduardo Bolsonaro, as a new laboratory of national sovereignty and popular will. In the words of Donald Trump’s former guru and campaign manager Steve Bannon: “Italy is the great experiment of our time”.

Salvini’s Lega was the great winner of the recent European elections, with nearly 10 million votes.

These EU elections were a referendum between the Europe of elites, of banks, of finance, of immigration and of self-destruction, and the Europe of sovereign peoples and honest work.

Italy clearly has chosen Salvini’s ideas, with 34% of the vote for this one party, the Lega, and a clear majority for populist parties. The globalist social democrats (PD) of Barack Obamas’s friend Matteo Renzi lost almost half their base, and now have barely 22%.

The Conte Government, with Salvini as most popular proponent, is showing everyone the fight against the establishment, against George Soros and the puppets seduced by the false flag of globalism, is not just an idea, it’s an effective political program based upon hard facts.

Democracy needs a demos, a people, as the origin, the means and the goal of its government. Without a demos, what remains is an elitist bureaucracy and the upward redistribution of wealth.

From every side, they attack Salvini, calling him a Populist; but being a Populist means doing what the people want. Our people, the proud Italians, do not want to be slaves anymore; they are deeply committed to the protection of democracy, they strongly believe in the laws of the people, in local autonomy, in the collective good and in egalitarian traditions.

Meanwhile, Italian socialists attack Matteo Salvini every day – just because he goes on a holiday, likes to play DJ for the crowd and take selfies with his supporters: Just like Trump, anything he does is subject to attack. Still, the Lega is skyrocketing in the polls, and is now projected to earn 38/40% if elections were held today; this would be nearly enough to rule the Italian government alone.

Like Trump and Bannon, what Salvini and the Lega know very clearly is: Their duty is to warn voters of the false promises of globalist ideologies that have failed to fulfill the needs of Italian and European citizens.

We look forward to working together with all our friends and allies in the United States to restore democracy, sovereignty and the rule of law to our countries.

A real awakening is taking place in Italy and the USA. Let’s stand together and save our countries!

Davide Quadri (pictured above) is foreign policy spokesman of the Lega Youth.

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