Bartiromo: Transcript Will Show Papadopoulos Rejected Halper’s Offer For Help From Russians – ‘That Would be Treason’ (VIDEO)

Retired Congressman Trey Gowdy on Sunday called for the transcript of Papadopoulos’s September 2016 meeting with Deep State spy Stephan Halper to be released.

Gowdy said there is exculpatory evidence in the transcript and the FBI hid the information from the FISA court.

Gowdy also told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo that there are more transcripts.


Papadopoulos told Bartiromo that the transcript of his conversation with Halper will prove he didn’t take the bait when Halper brought up Hillary’s ‘hacked emails.’

Papadopoulos told Stephan Halper that it would be treason to accept help from the Russians, according to Bartiromo.

“Are you kidding me? That’s treason! People get hanged for stuff like that! I would never do something like that,” Papadopoulos allegedly told Stefan Halper in a September 2016 meeting in London.

“What you just described is textbook exculpatory information. It tends to show that a person did not commit a crime,” Gowdy said.

This is huge!

Recall, in September of 2016, Stephan Halper reached out to Papadopoulos out of no where by email and offered to pay him $3,000 dollars and a trip to London under the guise of needing his expertise on energy dealings.

This was after Halper met with Trump’s other campaign advisor Carter Page in July of 2016.

When Halper met up with Papadopoulos in London, he brought along a honeypot posing as his assistant.

This honeypot, who used the alias ‘Azra Turk’ was also an FBI informant.

Papadopoulos previously said ‘Azra Turk’ was acting seductively to try to get information out of him, but he didn’t take the bait.

The FBI/CIA ran several informants at Papadopoulos and they still failed to get him to take the ‘Russians have Hillary’s emails’ bait, which is why Papadopoulos was only charged with a process crime.

The entire ‘Trump-Russia’ witch hunt was based on lies — not one Russian approached Papadopoulos and he was actually targeted for his energy dealings with Israel.


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