Flashback: Mother Teresa Set Up Sisters of Mercy Hospice in Rat-Infested Baltimore – Visited the City Three Times

Catholic Saint Mother Teresa visited Baltimore three times in 1975, 1992 and 1996.

Mother Teresa set up a hospice in Baltimore to take care of poor AIDS patients.

The Democrats and their media attacked President Trump this week for pointing out the horrible living conditions in rat-infested Baltimore.


Mother Teresa saw this too.

The renowned Catholic founder of the Sisters of Mercy built a hospice in Baltimore to care for the poor and show them dignity.

Blessed Mother Teresa of Kolkata established the home at St. Wenceslaus Parish for those afflicted with AIDS.

The Baltimore Sun reported:
Mother Teresa came to Baltimore in 1992 to dedicate Gift of Hope as an AIDS hospice.

The sisters who work there now say the celebrations of her canonization can inspire anyone, of any faith or no faith — just as “Mother” inspires them every day.

The four gathered in a small parlor one recent morning to discuss their lives and work. Residents’ average stay at Gift of Hope is shorter now, thanks to medical advances, but many of the handful of men who live there struggle with other illnesses, including addiction.

Sister Christea showed a visitor a display case full of Mother Teresa artifacts, including a cup, bowl and silverware she used during a visit.

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