FBI Scrambles to Cover Window with Cardboard Boxes as Rogue Drone Captures Raid of Epstein’s ‘Pedophile Island’ (VIDEO)

A dozen FBI agents raided Epstein’s ‘pedophile island’ on Monday, just two days after he reportedly hanged himself with a prison bedsheet.

The FBI agents scrambled to cover windows with cardboard boxes as a rogue drone captured the raid.

The drone footage captured the diving team patrolling the water and FBI agents inside one of the rooms of Epstein’s compound on Little St. James Island.

The operator of the drone is unknown at this time, however, the individual has been gathering footage of Epstein’s island for several weeks.

The drone allegedly spotted a missing computer and other equipment before the FBI raided the property.

Previous drone footage also showed maintenance crews working on Epstein’s compound before the FBI raided the place.

Why did the FBI wait for over a month following Epstein’s arrest to raid his compound on ‘pedophile island’?


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