Epstein Lawyers Question Suicide Ruling, Say Pedophile Billionaire Was Not ‘Despairing, Despondent’

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyers said he and other attorneys for the billionaire pedophile “did not see a despairing, despondent, suicidal person,” adding that they are “skeptical” he committed suicide in a maximum security prison.

Lawyer Reid Weingarten also told Judge Richard Berman in U.S. District Court in Manhattan during a hearing on Tuesday that the injuries suffered by Epstein are “far more consistent with assault” than suicide. An autopsy found that Epstein had broken bones in his neck after he died Aug. 10, injuries more common in strangulation than hanging.

Weingarten said when he and other defense attorneys talked with Epstein shortly before his death, “we did not see a despairing, despondent, suicidal person.”

“We want the court to help us find out what happened,” he said.

The case has been ignored by the mainstream media, who have buried the story after the ruling of suicide came down. In the hearing, prosecutors were seeking to dismiss the child sex trafficking charges against Epstein because of his death.

Weingarten said the judge had a “pivotal role to find out what happened.”

“We’re skeptical of the certitude” of the finding of suicide by hanging by the New York City medical examiner, the lawyer said, according to CNBC.

There are “significant doubts” regarding “the conclusion of suicide,” Weingarten said.

But Maurene Comey, a federal prosecutor, told Berman that Epstein’s death was already the subject of “an ongoing and active grand jury investigation.”

“It is not the purview, respectfully, of the court to conduct an investigation into uncharged matters,” Comey said.

On Wednesday, a new report came out in the New York Post detailing what investigators found when they raided Epstein’s house in 2005.

Newly surfaced video from a 2005 police raid on Jeffrey Epstein’s sprawling Palm Beach estate offers a disturbing glimpse into the late pedophile’s tastes — including photographs of scantily clad underage girls, according to reports.

Detectives investigating Epstein’s alleged sexual relationships with young girls enter the mansion with guns drawn and read a search warrant to the house manager.

“The court, being satisfied of the existence of said ground [for search] set forth in the affidavit and that the laws of the State of Florida have been violated in or on a premises known and described as follows, to wit 358 El Brillo Road,” one detective reads, according to footage obtained by CBS 12.

The officers then sweep through the $16.4 million waterfront compound, where they come across a photo of a girl who appears to be about 6 years old bending over in a short dress with her behind exposed, according to the Daily Mail. Authorities blurred the image.

Another photograph features a girl who appears to be about 15 posing in a tiny bikini — hanging right above a naked girl lying on a beach, the video shows.


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