Disgusting: Liz Warren Pushes Conspiracy Theory that ‘Innocent’ Michael Brown was “Murdered” by Racist Cop in Ferguson

Last week was the five year anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting and first riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

Michael Brown robbed a Ferguson convenience store and assaulted the minority store owner.
mike brown store

Then Michael Brown attacked and beat Police Officer Darren Wilson, wrestled the officer for his gun and was shot dead on Canfield Drive in Ferguson.


Officer Darren Wilson was later exonerated by the St. Louis County grand jury and the Holder Department of Justice.
Then rioters burned down half the business district in Ferguson and nearby communities.

Democrats later compared Michael Brown civil rights hero Jimmy Lee Jackson.

Jackson was shot by state troopers while taking refuge in Selma in 1965.

Jackson was a victim.
Michael Brown was a thug.

On the five year anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting Elizabeth Warren tweeted out that he was murdered.

Elizabeth Warren is disgusting.

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