Compulsive Liar Liz Warren Won’t Apologize for Saying Cop-Beater Mike Brown was Murdered

Liz Warren launched her career in academia by lying about her heritage.

Harvard Law School’s “first woman of color” was in reality a blond, blue-eyed fraud.

But by lying about her 1/1024th “Indian” heritage she did jump in front of several qualified candidates into a cushy job at Harvard professor.

Last week was the five year anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting and first riots in Ferguson, Missouri.


Michael Brown robbed a Ferguson convenience store and assaulted the minority store owner.
mike brown store

Then Michael Brown attacked and beat Police Officer Darren Wilson, wrestled the officer for his gun and was shot dead on Canfield Drive in Ferguson.

Officer Darren Wilson was later exonerated by the St. Louis County grand jury and the Holder Department of Justice.

On the five year anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting Elizabeth Warren tweeted out that he was murdered.

Warren decided the best way to move her campaign forward was to trash cops and prop up a cop-beating thug.

And this week she refused to apologize for her cop-bashing and lies. reported:

Asked by a reporter for ABC News at a press gaggle after the town hall if she still thought Brown was “murdered,” Warren refused to retract her claim or to apologize:

What happened is that a man was shot — an unarmed man, in the middle of the street, by police officers, and left to die. And I think that’s where our focus should be. It is the fifth anniversary of that occurring, and we need to talk about how to make real change in this country. I have a more comprehensive plan coming out just a little bit later.

Warren is a quite a woman.

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