BREAKING: Tech Giants to Use Chinese-Style Scoring System on ALL Americans After Successful Testing in Pilot Program on Influential Conservatives

In 2018 Google helped the Chinese Communists develop a social credit scoring system. The scoring system, first announced in 2014, rates China’s one billion citizens based on their behavior and associations. Already, nine million people with low scores have been blocked from buying tickets for domestic flights and trains.

As horrible as this sounds the Silicon Valley tech giants are already using a similar system here in the United States.

And Facebook is using offline behavior to factor into their scoring system.

In June, Breitbart’s Allum Bokhari revealed that Facebook is using a similar social credit scoring system on Americans.

In February 2019 we reported on how America already has a social credit scoring system.

 Just ask Laura Loomer, whose unofficial social credit score led Chase bank to cut her off from her accounts. She broke no laws. She’s just undesirable, socially.

On Monday Fast Company reported on how the social credit system can happen here.

It already is.

Alex Jones last year lost his YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Apple accounts on a single day due to comments he made YEARS AGO.

Conservatives and Conservative publishers like The Gateway Pundit are already banned or censored by Facebook, Google, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. Conservatives and patriotic Americans have had their Chase Bank accounts shut down. Conservatives, including this writer, have been blocked from home insurance companies from purchasing their product. Conservatives have their incomes targeted and make significantly less than fake news mainstream reporters. It goes on and on.

The social media scoring is already taking place. This is our future, for all of us. And we have a party of wimps who are too afraid to stop this.

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