BOOM! Dr. Marc Siegel: Odd That Autopsy Delayed – Have Never Seen Anyone Taken Off Suicide Watch in Two Weeks (VIDEO)

Dr. Marc Siegel joined Mark Stein on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss the unusual death of Jeffrey Epstein.

Siegel pointed out several unusual lapses in procedure the night of his death.

Dr. Marc Siegel: Where were the cameras? Where were the observation? Why wasn’t he being observed? For someone who had supposedly been on suicide watch, me as a physician, no psychiatrist would take a person off of suicide watch in this kind of condition, sex offender and just, “He’s fine. He says he’s fine.” That’s not how a psychiatrist would act…

Mark Stein: So basically after six days on suicide watch his suicidal tendencies cleared up. That’s the official position. That’s ridiculous from a medical point of view!

Dr. Marc Siegel: I have never seen that in all my years of practice. It doesn’t happen. Suicide is something that comes on over a long period of time. Severe depression would not go away. No self-respecting psychologist would ever say, “OK, he’s no longer suicidal.” It lingers… You shouldn’t have the kind of bed sheets that you can hang yourself. You should have paper bedsheets and you shouldn’t have any place that you can hang yourself from. The ceiling is too high for that. You shouldn’t be able to do it from a bed, from a door, or anything like that… It’s clearly very, very unusual for him would be taken off suicide watch, put in a room where he’s unobserved and no cameras are pointing at him.

It had to be deliberate.
You cannot possibly make that many mistakes with the highest profile prisoner in the United States.


Via Tucker Carlson Tonight.

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