Anti-Semite Ilhan Omar Says Hate Crimes Increase 226% After Trump Holds a Rally — But AG Bill Barr Says “No Evidence” Hate Crimes Increased Under Trump

Radical anti-Semite and Democrat Ilhan Omar tweeted out on Wednesday that counties that hold Trump rallies see a 226% increase in hate crimes.
She added that assaults increase when cities hold Trump rallies.

Of course, this is a crock.
She took her data from a very controversial report by the far left Washignton Post.

Although there is proof that Antifa attacks tend to increase whenever Trump supporters gather for events.


And Attorney General Bill Barr told Congress in April that he has seen no evidence that hate crimes are up since 2013 when Obama was president.

Via America’s Newsroom:

Attorney General Bill Barr did not address the substantial increase in fake hate crimes during the Trump years.

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