Anti-American Soccer Player Works to Extend Her 15 Minutes of Fame – Rapinoe Dismisses “Ridiculous” Trump as “A F**king Joke”

Just when we hoped hoped we had heard the last from this anti-American blowhard.

The US Women’s Soccer Final viewership was down by ALMOST HALF this year thanks to the Trump-bashing, anthem protesting US national team.

They cursed the US President and disrespected their Country — What did they expect?

Megan Rapinoe led the team in hurling insults at President Trump.


The liberals and their media loved it.
Americans as a whole were turned off.

But the angry, far left blowhard is not quite done yet.

Rapinoe dismissed President Trump this week as “ridiculous” and a “f*cking joke.”
She’s such a charmer.


Leaving the President somewhat red-faced, Rapinoe is adamant the team’s gender meant Trump struggled to deal with their success.

“We are everything he loves with the exception that we’re powerful, strong women,” Rapinoe told The Guardian.

“And he was having a really hard time – you could see in these sets of tweets: you hate us, you love us, you want us to come [to the White House] – and you are threatening us, all at the same time.

“People were like: ‘That was so intense!’ And I’m like: ‘Honestly, he’s a f***ing joke, so it wasn’t intense, because this is ridiculous.’

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