Ugh. Never-Trumper Chris Wallace: Is Trump Saying People Who Live in Baltimore are not Human Beings? (VIDEO)

Chris Wallace cannot even disguise his disgust for President Donald Trump.
And he doesn’t even try to.

Wallace attacked President Trump on Sunday suggesting the president is a racist for attacking corrupt Democrat Elijah Cummings.

President Trump on Saturday attacked Cummings his rat-infested Baltimore district.


On Sunday Chris Wallace bought the Democrat talking point and accused Trump of racism for his tweets against Cummings.

Chris Wallace: No human being would want to live there. Is he saying people who live in Baltimore are not human beings? Before his inauguration the president tweeted about John Lewis, a black congressman, that he should spend time in his crime-infested district. Then two weeks ago he goes after these four members of the squad, all women of color, and he says they should go back to the crime-infested countries from which they come. Then he talks about Elijah Cummings and he says his district is rat and rodent infested. Infested, it sounds like vermin. It sounds like sub-human.

This guy is unbearable.

Via Jim Hanson:

For the record, Trump was tweeting about his reaction to a FOX and Friends news clip.

(On a side note– This is why I never tune in to FOX News Sunday anymore. It’s a waste of time.)

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