Trump Says He Will Not Be Watching Mueller’s Testimony (VIDEO)

President Trump told reporters from the South Lawn of the White House on Friday that he doesn’t plan on watching Mueller’s testimonies to the House Intel and House Judiciary Committees next week.

Trump slammed the Democrats over their failed impeachment vote earlier this week.

Democrat kook Al Green introduced articles of impeachment this week and his resolution was defeated in a landslide.

Trump pointed out that the majority of Dems voted against impeachment and added that he will not be watching Mueller.

Mueller is scheduled to testify to the House Intel and House Judiciary Committee for a total of 5 hours on July 24.


Dirty cop Mueller never even indicted Donald Trump, however he turned the Constitution upside down during a bizarre press conference (where he took no questions) back in May and smeared an innocent man.

Mueller will most likely do the same thing next week as Democrats tee up questions for him that will create anti-Trump fodder for the media and ultimately give the Dems another reason to impeach the president.

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