Trump IS Watching Mueller Testify, Lighting Up Twitter

At first, President Trump said he wouldn’t be watching former special counsel Robert Mueller testify before the House about his 22-month investigation  into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to alter the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

Then he said he might watch a little.

Judging from his copious flow of posts on Twitter, it seems Trump is raptly watching every minute of the riveting testimony.

As House Democrats stuck to some clearly defined talking points in questioning Mueller, Trump sought to pull them apart.

“So Democrats and others can illegally fabricate a crime, try pinning it on a very innocent President, and when he fights back against this illegal and treasonous attack on our Country, they call It Obstruction? Wrong! Why didn’t Robert Mueller investigate the investigators?” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Trump also hit the last-minute decision to allow Mueller to have a lawyer sit next to him to advise him on what questions to answer.

“It was NEVER agreed that Robert Mueller could use one of his many Democrat Never Trumper lawyers to sit next to him and help him with his answers. This was specifically NOT agreed to, and I would NEVER have agreed to it. The Greatest Witch Hunt in U.S. history, by far!” he wrote.

In another post, Trump blasted Mueller for not investigating Trump-hating FBI officials Peter Stzrok and Lisa Page.

“Why didn’t Robert Mueller & his band of 18 Angry Democrats spend any time investigating Crooked Hillary Clinton, Lyin’ & Leakin’ James Comey, Lisa Page and her Psycho lover, Peter S, Andy McCabe, the beautiful Ohr family, Fusion GPS, and many more, including HIMSELF & Andrew W?”

And Trump questioned why Mueller never probed Hillary Clinton deleting tens of thousands of emails from a secret server she had in her home.

“So why didn’t the highly conflicted Robert Mueller investigate how and why Crooked Hillary Clinton deleted and acid washed 33,000 Emails immediately AFTER getting a SUBPOENA from the United States Congress? She must have GREAT lawyers!”

Later, Trump posted a quote from Fox News host Chris Wallace saying Mueller’s testimony “has been a disaster for the Democrats and a disaster for the reputation of Robert Mueller.”

Here’s that video.

The president doesn’t leave the White House today until 4 p.m. to head to West Virginia for a campaign event, so expect plenty more tweets!