They Hate Trump More Than They Love America: Leftists will Fly Baby Trump Blimp on 4th of July in DC During US Military Parade

The National Park Service gave the far left commie-front group Code Pink permission to fly a Baby Trump Blimp near the location where President Trump will deliver remarks celebrating Independence Day.

The Baby Trump blimp flew over London during President Trump’s visit this year.

CNN reported:

A progressive group received permission Monday for their round, diapered Donald Trump baby balloon to be present during a July 4 celebration near the location where Trump will deliver remarks celebrating the nation’s birthday.

The group, Code Pink, got approval from the National Park Service to have the balloon present between 4 a.m. and 9 p.m. ET on July 4 on a section of the National Mall near the Washington Monument.

The permit states that “all balloons are prohibited” on the National Mall, but that the service would allow the Trump balloon to be present if it adhered to certain conditions, including being “filled with cold-air only and unable to achieve flight.”

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