“That Same Ideology Led to Genocide in Somaliland” – Somali American Speaks Out Against Ilhan Omar’s Extreme Ideology and Antisemitism

Last weekend President Trump tweeted out on Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar’s extremist anti-American and anti-Semitic beliefs. Then this week President Trump told the liberal mainstream media about Ilhan Omar’s undisputed marriage to her biological brother.

The Democrat party and their liberal media immediately formed a protective shield around the far left Jew-hating representative.

But not everyone is defending Ilhan Omar.

Many Somali Americans embrace this country and the freedoms they now enjoy.

Earlier this week a Somali American patriot reached out to The Gateway Pundit to share some more on Ilhan’s radical past. The man also expressed to TGP that not everyone in the Somali community is a fan of Ilhan Omar. We have heard that from several of our sources.

Here is his letter to The Gateway Pundit:

As one of their fellow clansmen who has moved to America and embraced the American Dream, I am not happy with how they are representing Somali Americans. There are many patriotic Somali Americans who have fought for this country, some of which gave the ultimate sacrifice. She doesn’t espouse our beliefs nor our love for our adopted country. She has more loyalty to Somalia and our clan than she has towards this great country.

We left a country where we were indoctrinated to believe things like Northern Somalis are Jewish and should be exterminated, only for them to have brought that ideology here with them which may explain her antisemetism. I spoke out to my fellow clansmen during Ilhan’s election here, but I was silenced and nearly ostracized by the community here under the orders of the tribal-chiefs President of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo paid off in Somalia to garner votes for her in her election here. Unbelievably, as we’re one of the biggest donors of the current Somali government, my taxes in America are still funding the warped ideology we all fled!

That same extreme ideology and anti-Semitism that Ilhan displays, is what led to the genocide in Somaliland and Al-Shabab taking over, and I don’t want that ideology to set foot in our great nation. I’m also not happy about the influence that Ilhan has on our foreign-policy towards Israel.

I don’t want another generation of Somalis to be indoctrinated by that twisted ideology, that by the way, Ilhan’s dad personally helped formulate during his time as a propagandist in the Barre regime.

The story about Ilhan marrying her brother is well known and is a very common thing among Somali people in the diaspora. Ilhan had a child with her real husband while married to her brother to get him US residency and ultimately obtain US citizenship. This is clear example of someone who does not respect the laws of this country and probably thinks that the Sharia marriage with her actual husband is the one that counts.

He did not want his name to be public at this time due to threats by Ilhan suppporters.

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