Ted Malloch: Can Britain Be Great Again?

Guest post by Ted Malloch

Listen to this stirring rendition of Jerusalem by the group Blake before you render an answer to the question posed or to give you inspiration.

This is the operative question, and now is the hour.

This very next week the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will have a new Prime Minister.

Gone is the lame, feeble Remainer Theresa May, who will go down in history as the worst political leader ever. She could not do a damn thing. As President Trump said, she is inept and “made a mess of Brexit.”

Her intransigence and foolhardiness have led to three years of demise, polarization and most significantly — NO BREXIT.

She was booted out, resigned and held in both contempt and no confidence.

The contest to replace her in the Conservative – Tory Party had many contenders but boils down to a copycat of May—Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt, another Remainer, with no new ideas or plans just more of the same, AND Boris Johnson, the charismatic, dynamic former Mayor of London, who is in many ways, the Trump of the British Isles.

He is irreverent, brash, colorful and promises one thing, come hell or high water—LEAVING the EU on October 31st.

‘BOJO’ as he is known in a moniker has the MOJO to restore Britain and to carry the day.

And I am not joking ala Austin Powers or Monty Python, either.

The Etonian and Oxonian is from the high classes but he connects with the people.

He is distinctly Churchillian and doesn’t care what the elites or the establishment say or think. He is a fighter.

In a word: he is a patriot.

He helped to rid the UK of its “stupid” and venomous “wacko and pompous” anti-Trump ambassador last week, so he is off to a good start.

He strikes the right tone and wants to cut taxes, deregulate, build up the middle classes and put an end to the violence that has bestruck London and other large cities.

But most critically he has said he will Leave the treacherous and undemocratic European Union which the people voted to do FULL STOP, with or without a deal.

As a Brexiteer, Johnson is believable and electable.

The opposition party, Labour, is now committed to remaining in the EU and is ideologically left of left—Trotskyite Marxist—hardly what you would expect from a sane and democratic country. It is also strangely anti-Semitic, too.

Boris can win the day, beat Labour and leave the EU in one fell swoop.

For that he will go down as a decisive and consequential, historic PM, if he does nothing else.

But he plans in robust optimism to do much more.

Listen to him yourself here:

Nothing beats winning, like winning. To quote another famous American leader the whole world is coming to respect, “You will get tired of winning.”

Boris needs to take a page from the Trump playbook, and he is.

My advice: Win.

Wear some red hats with the words, “Make Britain GREAT Again.”

I remind you; this is the world’s fifth largest economy; a military powerhouse; the original democracy; an empire that stretched around the entire globe and gave the world its language, customs, manners and the rule of law.

Blimey, step up.

As they say in the game they call, Cricket. “it is time for a Century.” (look it up). Think of what America and Britain can do in partnership.

Now play Jerusalem again—and mean it.

Do it, again and again. Greatness never gets old…

Bring us your “Chariots of Fire.”

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