Schiff Reveals Deep State Plan – Says Trump Could be Indicted After Presidency, ‘He is Not Above the Law’ (VIDEO)

House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) admitted that the real plan to ‘get Trump’ will be when he leaves office.

Schiff called Trump an “unindicted co-conspirator” during his appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Sunday and said the SDNY should indict Trump after his presidency for campaign finance violations.

Prosecutors in the Southern District of New York on Wednesday wrapped up their probe after investigating the Trump Organization over a potential campaign finance violation because Donald Trump paid 2 women ‘hush payments’ in 2016.

There is nothing illegal about making hush payments and the prosecutors concluded their investigation with no new charges.

But Adam Schiff says the SDNY should re-open the investigation after Trump’s presidency so they can indict him.

Schiff says that if Michael Cohen went to jail for (non-existent) campaign finance violations, certainly Trump should as well because he was the one who directed Cohen to make the payments.

Schiff says that the only reason why Trump hasn’t been indicted yet is because of a legal opinion by the Office of Legal Counsel that a sitting president cannot be indicted so the DOJ will just have to wait until Trump leaves office.

“[Trump” is essentially a unindicted co-conspirator — he has been identified as ‘individual one’ as the person who directed Michael Cohen to commit this fraudulent campaign scheme,” Schiff said, adding that this means the case will be reopened when Trump leaves office, providing the statute of limitations has not run.

The Justice Department will have to weigh whether to indict the former president. From my point of view, if the evidence supports that, he should be indicted,” Schiff said.

“He is not above the law — I think the DOJ will have to seriously consider reopening the case if that’s what it requires and indicting him when he leaves office.”

Barack Obama violated campaign finance laws when he took in millions of dollars from foreign donors and he was slapped with a huge fine. No one called for Obama to be jailed, but Orange Man bad.


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