REPORT: GOP Members Not Entirely Buying Mueller’s Feeble Performance – Wanted to Run Out the Clock to Reduce Number of Questions Asked

Former special counsel Robert Mueller appeared on Capitol Hill on Wednesday to testify to two House Committees about his bogus Russia Investigation. 

Mueller looked like a confused, stuttering, lost and nervous doddering old man. He frequently paged through his notes.

At one point, Mueller couldn’t even recall it was Ronald Reagan who appointed him as US Attorney for Boston. Mueller thought it was President Bush.


Mueller’s mouth was slightly agape as lawmakers asked him questions and at one point he couldn’t remember the word “conspiracy.”

Over and over again Mueller asked (mainly Republican) lawmakers to repeat their questions.

It was frustrating to watch.

According to investigative reporter Paul Sperry, the word on The Hill is that many GOP members aren’t entirely buying Mueller’s feeble performance.

Many believe he was asking lawmakers to repeat their questions in order to run out the clock.

“Hill sources say GOP members not entirely buying Mueller’s feeble performance and suspect he at times played “rope-a-dope” to run down clock, which he kept checking. Both hearings had hard stops,” Sperry said. “By constantly asking to repeat questions, he reduced the number of questions asked.”

Either way, it was clear that Mueller did not write ‘his’ report; he was just a figurehead.

Andrew Weissmann, the corrupt prosecutor who took down accounting titan Arthur Andersen and ruined many lives over the years with his prosecutorial misconduct ran the Mueller investigation and helped write the report.

Mueller destroyed the Democrat impeachment effort with his disaster testimony on Wednesday.

Although Mueller may have dodged questions during his hearing, Barr and Durham are investigating the real Russian collusion and real crimes committed by Hillary, Obama, Comey, Brennan et al.

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