NEW: Judge Smacks Down Corrupt DOJ – Signals Support For General Flynn in FARA Case After Prosecutors Allege Flynn is Co-Conspirator

As reported earlier, the Justice Department in an order on July 3rd reversed its position on General Flynn in the Flynn Intel Group FARA case and is now alleging Flynn is an unindicted co-conspirator rather than a government witness for an upcoming trial for his former business partner.

A federal judge assigned to the FARA case on Tuesday slammed the corrupt DOJ and signaled support for General Flynn after Mueller’s thugs planned to designate Flynn as an unindicted co-conspirator in the trial for Bijan Rafiekian.

US District Judge for the Eastern District of Virginia, Anthony Trenga, a George W. Bush appointee, ruled in a 37-page memorandum on Tuesday evening that the DOJ has not presented evidence sufficient to establish “evidence of a conspiracy” for the purposes of admitting the hearsay statements of alleged co-conspirators (Flynn).

This is good news.

Another absurd theory by the DOJ was rejected by Judge Trenga.

“[T]he FARA statement and related filings do not reflect the existence of the alleged conspiracy to act as undisclosed Turkish agents…”

The judge also stated that the US didn’t have the evidence that Turkey funded the work by Flynn Intel Group.

“Pending further order by the Court, the US may not argue or state to the jury that Turkey … funded the work by Flynn Intel Group under the contractual agreement…”

Sara Carter on Tuesday evening spoke to Fox News host Sean Hannity about the new developments on Flynn’s FARA case and the corrupt DOJ prosecutors.

Sara Carter said Judge Trenga will be making a decision very soon on whether or not to allow the government to designate Flynn a co-conspirator.

Investigative reporter Sara Carter also said that according to sources, the government used extraordinary tactics to retaliate against Flynn by crafting a very complicated FARA to corner him into making a false statement.


Judge Emmet Sullivan (who is assigned to a separate case for General Flynn) issued an order on Tuesday afternoon demanding a full explanation as to why prosecutors are now reversing their decision to call Flynn as a witness.

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