MUST SEE: Rep. Sean Duffy DESTROYS Open Border SunTrust Bank CEO Who Was Stupid Enough to Listen to ‘The Squad’ – ‘You Want to Send Kids Out on the Street?’

This was excellent.

Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) grilled SunTrust Bank CEO William Rogers Jr. during a House hearing on its planned merger with BB&T.

“Woke” SunTrust Bank announced in early July that they would no longer lend to US detention centers for illegal aliens and illegal alien children.
SunTrust is open borders and wants the kids released out on the street.
What awful people.


Sean Duffy grilled CEO William Rogers, Jr. at the House hearing led by Mad Maxine Waters.

Sean Duffy: You have policies in your bank that say, “If we have detention facilities that are caring for children or detaining individuals who we may not know who they are following American law,” you say, “I’m not going to bank them.” Is that fair?

CEO Rogers: We consider a variety of factors…

Sean Duffy: Is it fair? Is it fair… Do you think detention facilities are concentration camps? Yes or no?

CEO Rogers: Representative, I’ve never used that characterization.

Sean Duffy: How about ICE? Are ICE Nazis?

CEO Rogers: I’ve never used that characterization.

Sean Duffy: So you have ICE and you have some of their contractors that are following American law and you all tell us, “I don’t want to keep Americans safe.”… Mr. Rogers, you’re like, “I want open borders. I don’t want us to detain anyone in America. Open borders. Let everyone come in without any process. Is that your position at SunTrust?

CEO Rogers: Mr. Representative, we’re not taking a social position.

Sean Duffy: You are taking a social position when you say you won’t bank detention facilities… By the way some of them hold minors. We don’t know where to send these children. We have to wait and find an adult who will take the child. Do you want us to send them on to the streets. I’m not going to fund a detention facility that might hold kids before we can find an adult to take the child.

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