It Begins… Detroit “Afrofuture Fest” Charges White Attendees Double the Ticket Price

Here we go…
The upcoming Detroit Afrofuture Fest is scheduled for August 3rd this year.

You can buy your tickets online… But if you’re white you have to pay double the price.

American Thinker reported:


An event called “Afrofuture Fest” is being hosted in Detroit, Mich. on August 3 and is advertised as a day of “activating the land with eyes open to metaphysical travel” with a day parade, drum circle, and bonfire to “awaken space with spirits.”  If that’s your type of thing, tickets can be found here, but a quick disclaimer first: your ticket price will be based on the color of your skin.

But the organizers will insist this is not a racist policy.

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