HRC Communications Press Secretary: “Andy Ngo Intentionally Provokes People”… “Sniveling Weasel” Ngo’s “Goal from the Start” Was to Get Assaulted

On Saturday afternoon Quillette gay Asian journalist Andy Ngo was beaten and robbed by several Antifa attackers at a Portland protest march.

Ngo was later hospitalized Saturday night with a brain bleed following the brutal Antifa attack as he covered dueling left-right demonstrations in Portland, Oregon, Ngo’s attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon said.

But not everyone was outraged to hear about Ngo’s beating.

Charlotte Clymer is a top communications official at the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s top gay rights organization.

Charlotte Clymer is an American writer and Army Veteran who in late 2017 came out as a transsexual in a series of Tweets that went viral. Clymer is currently the Press Secretary for Rapid Response at Human Rights campaign.

But if you thought the Human Rights Campaign would rush in to defend journalist Andy Ngo after his beating you would be wrong.

Charlotte believes it was Andy Ngo’s goal to get his ass kicked.

Richard Grenell, the openly gay Trump ambassador to Germany, lashed out at Clymer following her hateful tweets.

The left continues to show us who they really are.

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