DOJ Says Census to be Printed Without Citizenship Question–As Poll Released Shows Supermajority of Americans Support Question

The Left won, Americans lost on the issue of the federal government being able to ask if people in the United States are citizens as part of the constitutionally mandated decennial census. The Justice Department sent out an email to opposing counsel Tuesday announcing the decision to print the census questionnaire without the citizenship question following a defeat by the Supreme Court last week.

Also on Tuesday, a poll was released showing a supermajority of Americans–including a majority of Democrats–support having the question on the census.

Obama administration lawyer Daniel Jacobson announced the decision.

The Hill reported Tuesday afternoon on a Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll set to be released later this week.

Sixty-seven percent of voters said the census should be able to ask whether people living in the U.S. are citizens, going against the recent Supreme Court decision on the matter, according to a new Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll.

The poll also found that the inclusion of the question was supported among members of both parties, with 88 percent of Republicans and 52 percent of Democrats supporting its inclusion.

Sixty-three percent of independents said they supported including the question on the census.

“The public here agrees with the administration that it makes sense to ask citizenship on the census,” Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll Director Mark Penn said. “It is a clear supermajority of Americans on this issue.”

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