Corrupt DOJ Caught Hiding Evidence in Flynn FARA Case – Then Turns the Screws on Mike Flynn Jr. and Designates Him as Govt Witness

The corrupt DOJ will not let up on General Mike Flynn so now they’re turning the screws on his son Mike Flynn Jr.

As previously reported, the Justice Department in an order on July 3rd reversed its position on General Flynn in the Flynn Intel Group FARA case and alleged that Flynn is an unindicted co-conspirator rather than a government witness for an upcoming trial for his former business partner.

Flynn was supposed to be the government’s ‘star witness’ at the trial of Bijan Rafiekian on FARA related charges to lobbying work they both did which was, according to prosecutors, backed by the Turkish government.

Prosecutors reversed course last week and told a Virginia judge (Anthony Trenga) that they will no longer be calling Flynn as a witness.

The July 3rd co-conspirator designation of Flynn was revealed in a memo filed by Flynn’s lawyers on Monday.

It was also revealed in Monday’s memo that an FBI Agent harassed and put pressure on Mike Flynn Jr. by directly calling the younger Flynn, despite knowing he has an attorney.

Judge Trenga then blasted the corrupt DOJ and told the government they didn’t have an adequate argument to designate General Flynn a co-conspirator.

Now this…

After failing to designate General Mike Flynn as a “co-conspirator,” the prosecutors designated Mike Flynn Jr. a government witness to turn the screws on the Flynns.

Furthermore, Court transcripts from Friday’s hearing were released and it shows the corrupt DOJ is hiding evidence on Turkey, Flynn and another defendant — defense lawyers argued the evidence was Brady material.

“We have not seen this evidence,” the defense lawyer said Friday arguing his entire team has clearance to see sensitive information. “We believe we would be cleared to see this evidence. We have not been given the opportunity to argue to the Court the relevance of that evidence. We believe, just based on this little bit of information, it quite clearly is Brady.”

General Flynn’s defense lawyer Sidney Powell said, “We have no idea what the government is talking about. It smacks of desperation. General Flynn has been working with the government for two years and waived his attorney client privilege to be transparent.”

Sidney Powell continued, “Countless people reached out to General Flynn and others in the course of the campaign and the transition. Whatever it is, it cannot be new information to the prosecution, and it was only a few months ago prosecutors recommended probation for him. As we have said in our recent filings, this can only be retaliation for his refusal to answer a question the way they wanted.”

So because General Flynn is not answering a question the way the government wants him to answer it, they are putting pressure on him by targeting his son Mike Flynn Jr.

President Trump needs to pardon Flynn and put an end to this government abuse of power.

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